Prospectus Réf. AML 30000

The AML 30000 standard helps to strengthen the integrity of the international financial system.

Christian De Boissieu

AML Collective

AML 30000 Standard


AML 30000 for Anti-Money Laundering (index 30000) is the international certification standard dedicated to anti- money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation (AML / CFT). AML 30000 is built on the standardization models and certification schemes provided for by the international regulations of management system certification.


The AML 30000 standard certifies the technical compliance and effectiveness of measures to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism (“AML / CFT”) adopted by financial institutions and some categories of non -financial businesses and professions, which play a crucial role in the detection and denunciation of suspicious behavior of their customers tending to launder money derived from criminal activities or to finance terrorism.


Financial institutions that routinely carry out one or more of the following activities or transactions in the name of a client or on his behalf. Certain non-financial businesses and professions, including the following.


Promote and consolidate among those assessed persons, the awareness of the importance of issues related to money laundering and terrorist financing at the level of the assessed persons themselves, at the level of the sector of activity and at the scale of the economy of the country, as well as the importance of the risks incurred ...

Certification AML 30000

A certification to a given standard is an initiative to distinguish at a given moment an evolving system. The AML 30000 certification attests to the compliance of a FI or a DNFBP with a set of criteria, in terms of control and management of AML/CFT risks. Thus, the AML 30000 standard provides information on the quality of the system of a FI or an EPNF, on the general theme of the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Certification to the AML 30000 standard is based on the evaluation of (a) the technical compliance of the AML/CFT systems and (b) the effectiveness of the systems.

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The specifications cover the following requirements...

How to assess?

The assessment is carried out through the following tools...

How to certify?

According to the international regulations of system certifications...

Why the AML 30000 certification?

There are as many specifications as there are categories of financial institutions...